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A long while back, we put up an article reflecting on a practice weekend and highlighting unsung hero Bobo Eyrich.   The team loved it.    In fact, it was suggested I could write more human interest stories — spotlight pieces on all our players.  “If you guys think I want to spend a hundred hours writing fluffy vanity pieces about you, there’s no freaking way.  I don’t like you nearly enough.”

Nobody pushed the topic too hard.  After all, the last thing you want to do is to irritate a guy able and willing to publicly eviscerate you in writing.

But you know, as much as we neglect it, an awful lot of people come to the website seemingly looking for roster information. And, Menzies’ nostalgic “Beast Performances” series still gets readers. So, perhaps — just perhaps — there are some visitors out there who would like to see something a little more in-depth about a Monkey or two.  And I am in a charitable mood.

Well, I’m still not prepared to spend my life lionizing my teammates. However, I am willing to write a thoughtful piece about one.  So I leave it to our audience to pick a player.  Whom would you like to read about?  Another piece about one of our stars?  How about a spotlight on one of our regular grunts?  Some of our players are genuinely interesting people.  Others . . . well, I’ll do my best.

Answer on our Poll.

Don’t know who plays for this team these days?  Here’s our roster.

04 – Matt Doyle (C)
08 – Morgan Hibbert (C)
13 – Marc Seraglia (C)
18 – Nicholas Menzies (C)
25 – Oscar Pottinger (C)

03 – Seb Toth
05 – John Norris
06 – Alex Chan
07 – Bobo Eyrich
11 – Andrew Brown
14 – Alex Hughes
16 – Jordan Tessarolo
17 – Max Hunter
21 – Aaron Loach
22 – Matt Berezan
27 – Alex Davis
33 – Andy Collins
36 – Aaron Koenig
45 – Allan Cowan
49 – Jon Hayduk
66 – Dre Gailits
89 – Kevin Underhill
98 – Brendan Wong
— – Derek Fenton
— – Joel Bellavance

If you missed the series earlier, and you’re curious about the Beast Performances, here are the links:
Beast Performances I – Mark Roberts
Beast Performances II – Oscar Pottinger
Beast Performances III – Al Nichols
Beast Performances IV – Morgan Hibbert
Beast Performance V – Top Secret

Alex Davis

4 Responses to “Player Spotlight Poll”

  1. Loach Says:

    In effort to ruin the polls – I pick Davis.

  2. Euh Says:

    Beast Performances without any mentions of Mike Grant, Jeff CruickShank and Ludsgin ?

  3. adavis Says:

    All things in good time.

  4. Euh Says:

    My Pick: Nate, since he was rremoved from the roster…