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The Monkey Is Famous!


Ultimate Canada has officially announced the creation of its own Hall of Fame, and the inaugural class of inductees includes none other than Furious George himself.  Read about the Angry Monkey’s life and times  on the Ultimate Canada website.  A select few players can genuinely say they made Furious a name worth remembering, but all of us, then and now, have been honoured to take part in something much bigger than ourselves.   We strive to make ourselves worthy of the name.  When you look Furious in the face, there is something indescribably demanding in those angry eyes that makes you want to earn his respect.

 Furious George

 2011 Hall of Fame Inductee

 Also featured in the 2011 class are two Furious standouts from over the years.  Check out their profiles below.

Adam “Elvis” Berson 

Al “Al-Bob” Nichols

See the rest of inductees at the official launch of the Ultimate Canada Hall of Fame.

Alex Davis

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