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Every single year, the Emerald City Classic (Ultiworld review) seems to feature a crazy web of matches that are decided by a margin of just one or two points.  As far as I can tell, this year was no different.

It is a little nerve-wracking to have an entire weekend seemingly balanced on knife-edge margins.  The parity in skill at this time of year is always surprisingly close, and it’s tempting (read, almost unavoidable) to read a great deal into the results.  Everyone wants to measure where they stand, and pundits want to pontificate, and to make seasoned-sounding observations of the weather vane.  We would like to read glorious narratives into the outcomes (that is, after all, the whole point of sports commentary), but honestly, it sure feels at times as though we’re all just drawing lots.  In our case, with five especially tight games, one mistake the fewer or the more in any of our matches could have given us a tournament finish of 5-2, or a bleak record of 0-7.  Just a handful of points separated us from what we would have called a crumbling failure or a promising success.  As it is, with an even record of 3-4, I don’t quite know what to say.  Maybe there is nothing to say at all.

Wins: GOAT (12-11), PoNY(12-9), Truck Stop(15-13)

Losses: Revolver (10-15), Ironside (7-15), Machine(14-15), Subzero (13-14)

Obviously, we want to win more.  What is currently holding us back, though, is a rusty, creaky offensive game.  I say that facetiously, but we produced an ungodly number of unforced errors.  Our game against Subzero, for example, was lost by 5 breaks against 4.  And this contest between D-lines to recuperate breaks was a common theme in our games.  To prepare for the fall, we need to staunch that bleeding.  But this will take time, and it would be rude of me to be impatient with our O-line.*  The loss of four handlers, among other things, has players in unfamiliar roles, many of them struggling to decide if they are runners or shooters, risk-takers or supporters.  Normalization will come in time.  There are plenty of flashes of brilliance, but I think we would trade a few of them in exchange for a little consistency.

One additional observation I have from the weekend has nothing to do with our team at all, but with our region instead.  That is to say that for the first time ever, I found myself quietly, surreptitiously rooting for the other teams in the Northwest.  Under the new USA Ultimate regular-season structure, strength wildcard bids are awarded to regions that outperform the others at the major tournaments.  In past years, a handsome victory for Sockeye or Rhino would have meant only that our rivals were getting better.  I would have slept proportionately better at night if I could see our regional competition slip a little.  Under the new system, regional rivalries have less cause to be adversarial.  Yes, you need to be better than the next team in the stomping grounds, but you both stand to gain if you can both trounce the field of competition.  This meant exchanging more strategic hints and tips with Rhino, and glancing over at the scoreboards to see how many points Voodoo could notch against GOAT.  For the first time, we are all in this together.


*(Fun Trivia Fact) Marc Seraglia, on the other hand, did grow impatient with our O-line, and forced the team to run sprints after the last game of the weekend as a penalty.


Alex Davis

5 Responses to “ECC Summary”

  1. T-Pain Says:

    Thanks for the write-up as always.

    I am wondering what the roster changes are from last year. I have heard that some of the FG players who went to worlds are not playing in the fall. Are all of the players who did not make TC playing again the fall? Are there any new players in the mix?

  2. adavis Says:

    The 2012 roster will be announced soon. It has only just been finalized.

  3. MMMBop Says:

    Did Seraglia also spike the disc at the O line and yell at them after he didn’t like what they did?

  4. adavis Says:

    Seraglia did not, on this occasion, spike the disc on or near the Furious O-line. The O-line was yelled at, but less than usual.

  5. Joe Castro Says:


    Great job Furious George!!
    2012 CUC Open Champ!!!
    Woooooooo Hooooooooo!!!