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Team Canada Goes to Vegas; Almost Nothing Bad Happens

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Trouble in Vegas – a tournament legendary for the hijinks and stories that invariably haunt one for the rest of an ultimate career.

Formal tryouts for Team Canada begin in just under two weeks, and shortlisted players across the country are preparing for an upcoming showdown in Vancouver.  That’s the formal side of the process, anyway.

In addition to individual training of course, players who expect to play together need to get repetitions of game and tournament situations together.  Moreover, we often remind players, “any time you’re playing ultimate, you’re trying out.”  So contingents of Furious, Team Canada and friends have been ramping up all winter in the form of small, more casual teams attending different tournaments. Vegas was the last of these more relaxed outings before the heavy lifting begins.

The Open Division for this warm-up was pretty small (only six teams) and generally not very challenging. We were able to arrange a fifth game to shove into our bye round on Saturday, and some competitive university players – from mostly Florida and Colorado if I am correct – gamely agreed to give us some practice. We won all our games pretty decisively, and elected to run a quick practice at the end of the tournament amongst ourselves.

I suppose we technically forfeited the final to Buick (one of the better teams we played on Saturday), but by this time they were looking a little drunk and in strong need of sunscreen, and they looked pretty happy for an excuse to get a little drunker in a casino somewhere.  We wanted to end on a somewhat businesslike note, so two halves of the team scrimmaged each other and reaccustomed ourselves to a more pressured style of play.

Incidentally, various members of Furious George are pretty frightening to see at the gun range . . . and not because they know what they’re doing.

Travelling as Team Canada in Vegas:
Aaron Liu
Adam Silverstein
Alex Chan
Alex Davis
Andy Collins
Andre Gailits
Derek Fenton
Jeff Lindquist
John Hassell
John Russell
Jon Hayduk
Matt Doyle
Morgan Hibbert
Nathan Dandurand
Nick Menzies
Oscar Pottinger
Seb Toth
Thomas Kuhn

Alex Davis

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