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ECC Prologue



And So the Fall Season Begins

Having donated two-thirds of itself to Team Canada, the Furious George has been in mothballs for much of this year.  For months, we were preparing players just to fill roles on the national team.  As for tournaments, we have  played as a club only once before in June at an invitational get-together with Rhino and Sockeye.  It was a shorthanded team (the only one not populous enough to play in split squads), with several players looking a little surprised to find themselves in various roles.  Now that Worlds is past, we are revisiting that curious sensation.  It is a little disorienting to do this more than once in a season; periodically, I find myself surprised when I suddenly realize it’s August.

2012 was dedicated to WUGCs.  In the lull after the tournament in Osaka, we lost several players to personal or financial exhaustion, as we expected.  Very little recruitment and development was done this year, to keep our numbers manageable in April, May and June, our junior trainees are off to Ireland (good luck!), and in the few practices we have had, we have had to shuffle personnel once more into exciting and unfamiliar positions.  Sometimes, practice feels something like a gameshow titled “Who Wants to Be a Defensive Handler?”

This is an unforgiving reality, of course, because ECC offers games for which most teams bring a pre-fabricated A-game.  Another chance to play world champion Revolver; a rivalry bout against our friends and peers on GOAT; a Florida rematch against Chicago — these are strong adversaries and electric opportunities.  To raise the stakes a little higher, everyone knows that these results affect the regional strength bid distribution this year.  It is an honour to share the field with such opponents, and having something on the line makes every game that much more interesting.

Our scheduled draws:

SATURDAY: GOAT, Revolver, Ironside, Machine

SUNDAY: Subzero, PoNY 

We are rebuilding, and frankly, there is no instruction booklet.   The Angry Monkey will once again be forged in a trial by fire.  But we have the desire to build something together, whatever it looks like.  I would not have it any other way. 



Alex Davis

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