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Go Time


Watashi no nihongo wa umaku arimasen.

It is getting down to the wire.  Furious George had our last practice tonight.  Soon, I board an airplane, and when I land, I will be on Team Canada. As I write this, I know I should probably be packing, working, or figuring out what combination of trains will take me from our hotel to the playing fields.  I should look up how to read certain common combinations of Japanese signage.  I should definitely ask my girlfriend to let me have a turn with the Japanese phrasebook.  Yet, I am instead frantically updating the website.  I am fairly sure this is insane.

And I am consciously committing this insanity because, for nearly a year, I have painstakingly conditioned myself to think of almost nothing but the sport, the team, and the mission.  All other considerations practical, logistical, selfish (or even common-sense) have somehow faded into foggy obscurity somewhere at the back of my mind.   At any given time, I seem to be preparing for, thinking about, playing, or recovering from ultimate.  Life has become very one-dimensional, and I would not have it any other way.

I have studied and repeated plays countless times.  I have made outstanding plays.  I have made outstanding mistakes.  I have yelled and been yelled at. I have gone to the hospital a couple of times.  I have watched hours of video. I have lifted a cumulative total of tens of thousands of kilograms.  I have sacrificed and people have sacrificed for me.  I must have sprinted at least a few marathons.  We all have.

We have all done this because when we set foot on the field in Sakai, we all want to personally deliver the fiercest, most perfect game that Canada can muster.  I believe in this mission more completely than anything else.

Now comes the moment of truth.  Be angry.

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