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New Years Resolutions


It’s that time of year to reflect on 2011 and figure out ways to become better for 2012. For Furious George this means many things, but the main thing we do at this time of year is train to be stronger and faster, without the grind of practice and tournaments, to once again take on the best in the world and beat them. Every off-season, both the leadership and the individual players concoct different strategies to meet these goals.

For 2012, we have two new exciting fitness programs that we are apart of. Moksha Yoga Vancouver, on 4th and Alma has partnered with Furious George and Traffic, giving us access to their facilities and classes. Over the 2011 season we incorporated yoga into every practice and tournament and found that it helps to decrease injury and increase balance and strength, very important abilities for elite ultimate. With our new partnership with Kim Scarrow at Moksha Yoga we will be strong, supple and injury resilient for 2012! To check out Moksha Yoga, visit their website at:

The second fitness program many of our players are involved in is called “Pure Payne” led by Furious George Alumni Mike Aizawa, and is an intense workout program that builds power and cardiovascular endurance specific for ultimate. This is out of Razor Fitness at 140-6351 Westminster Highway, Richmond. Our program is not for the faint of heart, but programs can be designed based on your lifting experience, fitness goals and skill level.

For ultimate to get to the next level of public awareness, elite players push the boundaries of their human potential to play our exciting game at the highest and most exciting level possible, and it is key for the further development of the sport to support those that support ultimate. So, if any of your new years resolutions involve taking your game to the next level, or you just want to lose a couple holiday pounds, support these two ultimate players, because they support ultimate.

We are working to keep this website updated more regularly, so keep checking back, and thanks again for staying interested in the angry monkey.

Alex Davis

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