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Furious Plays Logan Lake


 Kevin Underhill Tells the Ongoing Saga of  the Internal Disc Golf Rivalry

As the Kelowna TC training camp wound down and Robin Bauer had finished putting us through the ringer, it was the perfect time to enjoy some of our sponsor’s finest suds and play a round of disc golf at Copper Ridge in beautiful Logan Lake, BC.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the card system of disc golf, I will give a brief description. First of all, you will have to understand that at the best of times, the system is a little dicey. The player that finishes first place in a round of disc golf earns the highest-valued playing card (in this case, the Ace of spades.) From there, the values of cards drop in ascending order through spades, then onto clubs. (note: Red cards are for ladies).  So the worst card in a group of bros [Ed. note — is a group of bros properly called a Brociety? This will bug me all day.] is the king of clubs.

The 9 golfing bros took the 1.5-hour detour to Logan Lake to shred Copper Ridge.  The lake glimmered as we drove past the huge dump truck that marks the spot. Any confusion with the card system was cleared up before the round started and off we went. Undisputed strongest golfer on the team is Andrew Brown. But, having lost an “unofficial round” on Friday to Andre Gailits, his number-one spot was certainly in jeopardy Sunday afternoon. Moses [Aaron Koenig] handed out a few cards to the rookies — Greg “High School” Moore and Joel Bellavance — and we set off to hole 1.

Copper Ridge features 18 brand-new chain baskets

The early pack strategy was to trash talk Andrew Brown and whittle his confidence down in hopes of separating him from his ace. Brown, as he confidently puts it “has to dust the cobwebs off his [game] every so often,” as he has had a stranglehold on the Ace of spades for the last year at least!

We spun the roc to determine who fired in the first group. Nick, Hughes, Joel and Greggers took off in group one, followed by Oscar, Brown, Dre, Moses and myself. It was hot to start and we combatted the sweat and dust. As the sun dipped behind the surrounding interior hills, it cooled off.

Brown played steady as usual knocking, down a few tweeters in the front nine and securing him a solid lead at the turn. From the other group, Nick Menzies and Alex Hughes were having themselves a pretty good round. Menzies, who had previously struggled to make any puts outside of 10 feet on Friday, was now banging the chains all day and keeping himself in the hunt. Dre, riding high from Friday’s win, just couldn’t keep the focus and had some unfortunate boges [sic, because I think he actually pronounces it that way] — dropping him to the relegation group for the back 9. Oscar Pottinger had a few slip away early but kept in the hunt by nailing some monster putts. Newbies Joel and Greg had flashes of brilliance and although they weren’t in the hunt for the title, they definitely applied some pressure to the struggling vets!

Hughesy had a classic Hughes back-nine, melting down and dropping out of contention with a couple quick bogeys and no time to claw back.  Broses [Aaron Koenig] was ripping the deep shots but struggling on the finesse holes. With a target on his back, Andrew Brown kept rattling off the pars and leading the pack heading down the nasty final stretch. Brown iced the group with a superb par on the ever-difficult hole 17 , giving himself an insurmountable 3-stroke lead heading into 18. Even with a bonehead bogey on 18, Brown’s ace remained in his hands. With some new players showing promise and old crafty veterans firing on all cylinders, this year’s Furious disc golf rivalries are heating up. I can say with confidence that Brown’s ace is in more danger this year than ever before!

As the final chains were smashed, the sun fell behind the hills, engulfing Copper Ridge in twilight. We stumbled slowly down the hill to the car, compared scores, traded cards and got back on the road. As all the excitement was supposed to have dried up, about 30 minutes down the road, we encountered a smoldering forest fire ablaze on the side of the road. Hughes and Moses stomped out what they could and we got a hold of the Merritt fire response team to take care of the rest. A fiery ending to a hardworking trip!

[Ed. Note: Only you can prevent forest fires.  But angry monkeys put them out.]

Final Standings:

Andrew Brown
Kevin Underhill
Nick Menzies
Oscar Pottinger
Andre Gailits
Aaron ‘Moses’ Koenig
Alex Hghes
Joel Bellavance
Greg Moore

Side Note: Andre Gailits was the big ‘loonie’ winner in Logan Lake this time, bringing home two monster pots including a nifty tweet on 18 to secure 21 bucks. [Ed. Note: I had to stare at this for a long time to figure out what it meant, so I think you should have to, too] Even if Dre struggled on the round, he managed to salvage his day with a profit of over 35 dollars.

Alex Davis

2 Responses to “Furious Plays Logan Lake”

  1. Nick Says:

    I actually finished above Oscar there with a plus 4 on the round.

  2. Kev Says:

    My Bad Nick….I’ll have Davis fix that ASAP