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Furious George vs Team Canada

Team Canada

A friend once asked me,
“What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?”*

As a fundraiser for the national team’s journey to Japan, enterprising bettors can now look forward to a fantasy ultimate pool for the Saturday showcase game at Kelowna’s Sunflicker tournament.  Saturday afternoon at 17:00, two teams will meet to do battle at the tournament fields.  We are proud to present the Team Canada Fantasy Fundraiser: Team Canada vs Furious George.

Team Canada Open

  • Andrew Brown
  • Kirk Savage
  • Nick Menzies
  • Kevin Underhill
  • Dre Gailits
  • Brendan Wong
  • Marc Seraglia
  • Oscar Pottinger
  • Andy Collins
  • Matt Doyle
  • Nathan Dandurand
  • Alex Hughes
  • Aaron Koenig

Furious George

  • Aaron Loach
  • Max Hunter
  • Matt Berezan
  • Yvan Duban
  • Bob Staniforth
  • Bobo Eyrich
  • Derek Fenton
  • Joel Bellavance
  • Thomas Kuhn
  • Aaron Liu
  • Morgan Hibbert
  • Seb Toth
  • Alex Davis

Get ready. There will be cash and merchandise prizes. Some inside breaks the informed investor will want to note follow below.

Nathan “Dandy” Dandurand #20 vs Aaron “Prez” Liu #12

Nathan is Team Canada’s most agile handler-cover, with the manner and reflexes of a nervous and somewhat over-enthusiastic hummingbird. Prez possesses the quickest first step on Furious’ handler line, and an acceleration concealed by his outwardly unflappable Henry Kissinger demeanour.  This match-up could unfold like a fencing bout.

Andy “Big Cat” Collins #33 vs Morgan “Morgatron” Hibbert #8

The aptly named Big Cat has a keen instinct for boxing out his opponents, using his size and uncanny reads to win an unwholesome share of sky battles.  But Hibbert’s flailing limbs have a reputation for picking away discs overhead of savvy defenders whether he has position or not.  Who will get to the disc first?

Vertical Leap vs Natural Height

With 7 players over 6’2″, Furious George looms over their opponents. But Team Canada has springs and savvy in Gailits, Underhill, Wong, Pottinger and Collins. Does reliable and uncompromising reach trump athleticism and force of will?


*I answered, “You get an insoluble, indeterminate limit.  If you apply an infinite force to an object (or mass) with infinite inertia, and no means to distinguish the processes by which they approach infinity, then the acceleration cannot be determined.”
To which he replied, “So it explodes, right?”

Alex Davis

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