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WA/BC Sectionals Recap


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Saturday, Game 1: Furious 13 Pride Rock 6
Our first game of Sectionals was against these unknowns from Washington somewhere. Right from the pre-game cheer, there was a stark contrast in our attitudes: Our cheer was “Prison Rules” (the name we’ve given our highly addictive 3vs3 warmup game), while theirs was “Hakuna Matata.” Despite their lighter take on the game, they battled through the game and minimized the number of breaks we were able to score.

Saturday, Game 2: Furious 13 Fryz 6
Although the score was the same as the previous game, the Fryz made us work much harder. A team made of nearly all high school students (their mixed boys/girls team is apparently ranked #1 in the nation), they impressed us with their composure with the disc, especially while in tight situations. One point, while being zoned, they worked it up the field for 30 or so passes before having a drop. We had some big skys in this game, but it’s hard to get excited about them when they’re against kids young enough to be CJ Harmer’s. Hopefully the Fryz stick it out as a team – if they do, watch out!

Saturday, Game 3: Furious 13 Ghosts 1
A lacklustre game against Calgary’s new team risen from Invictus’ ashes. It didn’t help that we picked up Bob the bobsledder (who competes internationally) from their team just days before the roster deadline. They were short rostered and in general, just looked tired.

Saturday, Game 4: Furious 13 Blackfish 7
Due to a long wait between games, we played a long game of prison rules and this time increased the size of “the yard” in order to incorporate 4 players aside. We added some new rules (Greatests allowed from anywhere, and losing a point for calling foul) and managed to play for almost 20 minutes. Once again, the team made of the Big Cat and the Bros won in a scrappy match filled with cheating and much yelling about in/out calls. Anyways, about the ultimate game….
Blackfish just came off an impressive 5th place finish at Canadian Nationals, and with so many Furious players having previously played with Blackfish, a lot of us love playing are former teammates. However, Blackfish never seems to play their best ultimate against the Monkey. We got up on them right away and stole a 5-0 lead before taking half 7-1. The second half was a different story though, as we got lazy and made a bunch of silly errors.

All in all, it was a frustrating day, punctuated by long waits between games that weren’t much of a challenge in the first place. If asked, I’m pretty sure most of the guys would rather have spent all day Saturday playing Prison Rules.

Sunday, Game 5: Furious 15 Voodoo 8 (Semifinals)
Determined to start the day focussed, we came out hard at the start of this game and built up a 6-1 lead. Their O line kept turning it over on overthrown hucks and our D line finally played some solid offense. Nick Menzies and Andy Collins led the offense here with 4 assists and a goal apiece, while the goals were fairly evenly spread out. Rookie Matt Berezan had a notable catchblock D in this game when he used all 6’5″ of himself to get in front of the Voodoo cutter.

Sunday, Game 6: Furious 7 Sockeye 15 (Finals)
All the other games had gone as expected, and we met long time rivals Seattle Sockeye. We usually play them several times a season, and so both teams have worked hard to find any chinks in the armor of their opponent. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t find any this game. Rather, we looked slow and frazzled with the disc. We turned the disc over 16 times that game, and only managed to get 3 d blocks, including a money layout by Alex Davis in the late game. Seeding for Regionals was at stake in this game, and with only 2 teams qualifying from Regionals to Nationals, seeding does matter.

Regionals are coming up at the beginning of October, and it’s going to be a doozy. With 4 teams from the Northwest ranked in the top 6* and only 2 spots, each team is going to be ramping up the intensity for the next three weeks in preparation. Stay tuned….

*According to the skyd magazine power rankings.

Alex Davis

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