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Andy Collins vs. Aaron Loach

News from the exhibition match against the Nomads, and a relaxed weekend of personal development in Nanaimo.

Furious vs. the Nomads

Holding a team practice at the St. George’s Invite (April 14) — a high school tournament — is an all-round interesting experience.  There are hotdogs, for starters, and speakers blaring out whatever the kids are listening to these days.  We’re not allowed to curse or swear, which is mentally exhausting when your team culture turns sustained frustration into a pillar of character. We are surrounded by adolescents who have no idea who we are because we’re not trending well on Twitter. 

The Nomads, the 2011 CUC champions and backbone of Team Canada Masters, used the weekend as their first training camp and part of their tryout process for the upcoming world championship.  Furious had the upper hand in this regard, with a full roster of players who have been training for much of the winter.  The Nomads are talented and have collected an obscene number of medals over the years, but it takes more than a couple of weeks of practice to upset the Angry Monkey.

Furious took the early lead and kept driving, hammering rhythmically through the points. We played a combination of athletic, high-pressure defense and creative throwing that took the Masters club a little by surprise.  The sheer quickness of defenders like Nate Dandurand can make for a rude awakening for anyone still groggy from off-season hibernation. The final score came out to 15-4 in the Monkey’s favour.

That was how the first encounter concluded, but we will see how the next one goes.  The start of a Nomads season typically begins like the first creaking of a steaming locomotive.  Sure, it starts with a lot of rusty complaint (mostly about ten-year-old injuries and something about having children), but you can see the underlying momentum build.

Al Nichols of Nomads at CUC2011 (Ed Kung)



There is a certain school of thought that says one can become better at ultimate by playing a lot of ultimate.  Thus, everyone on Furious (and Team Canada) is under standing orders to play as much as reasonably allowable.  Hence, the bulk of our players ferried over to Nanaimo this past weekend to play at Udderbowl (April 21-22) — a very casual Mixed tournament on Vancouver Island.  The notion here suggests that the players will experiment a bit with their roles and their throws in a relatively consequence-free environment, keeping with our current theme of exploratory “greenlight” practices on Furious. 

This is not at all a unique idea, but I honestly believe that very few people genuinely do it well.  As Aristotle postulated, “excellence not an act, but a habit,” so to expect some benefit, there must still be some self-directed commitment to work on and to refine some skill or another.  The difficulty lies in trying to maintain the balance between carefree and carelessness — a mental equilibrium easily unsettled by the bottle of Fireball you may be required to empty in public as a “spirit prize” (you know how it is).

The Udderbowl final featured the curiously-named Stinks against the One-Hit Wonders in battle, both adequately populated with competitive players with histories from Traffic, Furious, UBC and UVic.  Dre Gailits hauled in numerous prayers on behalf of the Wonders, whilst Matt Harvey, Max Hunter, and Aaron Loach distinguished themselves in throws.  For the Stinks, Mike Aizawa and speedy Carly Sakai repeatedly threatened the endzone, with Louisa Thue, Matt Doyle, and Andy Collins practicing the short game.  Final score: 13-10 in the Wonders’ favour.  Doubtless, there will be some chirping among teammates at upcoming practices.  Someone may have to separate Collins and Hunter.

I can't caption this one with a straight face

Is this defense or bromance? You decide.


Alex Davis

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    HA, Collins is copping a feel in that photo!

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    Dirty dancing-esque at best