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Furious George vs The Nomads


British Columbia’s Best Take Each Other to Task

This Saturday, BC’s best will square off for the first of a number of
scrimmages to prepare for Japan on the lush and fast fields at St.
George’s School, as a showcase game during the St. George’s Invite at
1:00pm. The game will re-ignite the classic rivalry that put Canada on
the map of world ultimate as the two storied teams test to see how
they match up. The Nomads, based out of Victoria, have traditionally
had a more casual approach to preparing for tournaments, but have
fostered a fierce competing spirit that has churned out battle tested
competitors, and memorable performances. Furious George on the other
hand train year round, continuously battle the best in the world,
and have rebuilt over the last 4 years to be relevant once again.

The relationship and history of these two teams is intertwined,
originally with Nomads players joining Furious to push them to the top
long ago, and more recently with Furious players making the trip
across the straight to snap up coveted Canadian Nationals titles,
gaining experience and old-school workman like attitude from the gnarly

The game will mark a rare treat for Vancouver ultimate fans, as there
will be many familiar faces fighting each other for bragging rights as
the top mens players in BC. It will see how youth, pure fitness and
early season sharpness will balance against the long time chemistry
and crafty strategy of the Nomadic veterans that have a trophy case
overflowing with gold.

Both teams still have open roster spots to fill, and the game offers a
great opportunity for those still battling for a Team Canada roster
spot, so the desire to succeed and earn the trust of their teammates
will certainly be above average.

It is unclear who the Nomads will be dressing on Saturday, as they
keep their communications shrouded in secrecy, but look to see Marc
Roberts, Mike Enns, Dave Klassen and Justin Mulcahey providing the
energy for the Nomads, the always dangerous “Big Dunc” Macdonald and MVP
“Al-Bob” Nichols getting it done all over the field, all choreographed by
Dave Pettenuzzo and Joey Hussein. Furious George will provide some
difficulties for the older gentlemen with pure speed burners in Andre
Gailits and Brendan Wong, relentless pressure from Nate Dandurand and
Aaron Lui, and the height of Morgan Hibbert, Matt Berezan, Derek
Fenton and Marc Seraglia ruling the skies.

It’s going to be a good day, as this battle will be surrounded in the
upcoming wave of talent at the high school tournament.

Trivia Question: How many national titles has Oscar Pottinger won playing for Furious George and how many for the Nomads?

Alex Davis

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