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Faces of Furious George


Furious George doesn’t like to talk about his feelings.
So we made a slideshow.

This project started when we were collecting head shots for a roster gallery — the kind of vanity any self-respecting team with a website ought to have.

Breezing through hundreds of photographs, I found dozens of priceless shots that I knew the players would never let me use as portraits.  But the more I looked at them, the more convinced I became that they were my favourites.  No matter what else was going on in the picture, my eyes were drawn to the faces — intense, funny, silly, tired, awkward or generally pissed.  These photos deserved a chance in the spotlight.  So I collected charitable permission from some well-known and prolific ultimate photographers to pilfer their blogs for the most fun, most interesting faces of Furious George.

Now, there are a few of hitches in a project like this.  Putting aside my inexperience in editing video, some monkeys are simply photographed more than others.  I don’t write the rules — that’s just the way it appears to be.  Also, some monkeys are plainly angrier than others.  Morgan Hibbert’s face is a canvas of emotions; John Norris just tends to look too good.  Maybe in the sequel effort I’ll get more embarrassing shots of those who fall into the Norris category.

I’ve put together a montage of these images for your viewing pleasure.  Some are hilarious; some are fearsome.  Regardless, this ain’t no cuddly monkey.

Many thanks to the photographers for sharing:

Jeff Bell

Andrew Davis — freeheel images

Liz St. Jean

Scobel Wiggins


Some more good faces rejected from the roster gallery file:

Kirk Savage Andrew Lugsdin
Jon Hayduk Alex Davis

Alex Davis

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