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Practices Begin

Team Canada

Furious George has officially commenced full practices for the season, kicking off the first week of closed sessions on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and a long one coming up on Saturday.

People took their off-season training seriously this year, and you can see the difference that makes.  It’s not just that they can run fast or that they can keep up with each other, although both are obviously important.  The most valuable kind of fitness at this time of year is the basic endurance to maintain dexterity and control over a period of sustained effort.  I say that because it means players can concentrate on their technical game for longer.  It’s a distinction between deliberately practicing good ultimate for longer, instead of practicing mediocre, tired ultimate.

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 When a player lacks endurance, you face a vanishing window of opportunity to hone their skills.  Once it expires, their coordination fades, and it doesn’t matter what you bark at them or what pointers you try to give; it’s a minor triumph if they can just manage the basics.  The exhausted, floppy-armed throw around a flailing mark to a guy tripping over himself is not refining any skills.  Sure, it’s still good exercise, but it degenerates into little more than an exercise in fitness and pain management, which is terribly frustrating if you really wanted to dedicate the evening to subtleties and finesse.  And at this time of year, when we want to assess and to develop our technical skills, the simple capacity to spend more time on those subjects becomes invaluable.

In April, Furious will be focusing largely on personal development.  Players will enjoy extended freedom to test and to expand their skillsets.  They will be able to experiment with, and to feel out new roles for themselves.  In this club, we put a lot of emphasis on the importance of roles, identifying the optimal players for different circumstances, like a full set of specialized tools.  For both our own players and for the followers of our blog, we will be writing more about these concepts in the coming week, so be sure to check back.

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One Response to “Practices Begin”

  1. Stephen Says:

    “mediocre, tired ultimate” lends to avoidable, senseless injuries too!