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Vancouver Men’s Ultimate Selections



Got What It Takes?

This year, the men’s (Open Division) ultimate teams are conducting a streamlined application and selection process.  The leadership groups of Furious George, Blackfish and Refinery have collaborated on the following combined application form. Please fill it out if you are interested in playing on any of the three teams this summer: Application Form

Want more details? See below.

Each team will have its own way of selecting the teams this season so make sure to stay tuned to your email after you apply. Feel free to pass this message on to anyone who you feel would be interested in playing this summer.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Can I apply for more than one team?

– Definitely! Throw your hat in the ring and we’ll let you know for which teams you’re being considered.


Can I play for more than one team?

– Unfortunately, conflicting season goals, schedules and eligibility rules make any double-dipping difficult and unlikely. The short answer is no, you can’t. Apply for the team(s) to which you’re prepared to commit fully exclusively.


Are all teams doing open tryouts?

– Some teams will be doing tryouts and some are doing invite-only practices. There will be chances for you to showcase your skills in a “tryout-like” setting with the teams that are interested. We will contact you!

If you are interested in playing this summer, please submit your application before May 10, 2016 at Midnight.

Alex Davis

One Response to “Vancouver Men’s Ultimate Selections”

  1. Connor McFadyen Says:

    Hoping to be considered for blackfish.
    Cannot commit enough time for furious if i had a shot.
    This year more of my friends and trying out for (hopefully we all make) blackfish, and will be fun and easy to commit because they’re friends already.