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2015 Roster


The Confederacy of the Angry Monkey

Every year, the Monkey’s face changes a little, and once again, we add to those who wear the Furious red. This, however, represents our largest-ever stable of players, combining two professional leagues and multiple national teams, united in the common pursuit of excellence. If your name appears here, remember that this is not the end of the road, but the beginning of opportunity.  Welcome to the fold.

Furious George 2015

Marc Seraglia (Coach)

Alex Davis (C)
John Norris (C)
Kevin Underhill (C)
Myles Sinclair (C)


Aaron Loach

Andre Gailits

Bobo Eyrich

Brett Anderson

Brian Baker

Darren Wu

Derek Fenton

Edward Guo

Elliot Trotter

Fred Lam

Gagan Chatha

Hugh Knapp

Joel Bellavance

Josh Tan

Kevin Lore

Malcolm Bryson

Matt Berezan

Max Hunter

Morgan Hibbert

Nick Wright

Nick Lin

Oliver Telfer

Peter Yu

PY Lavertu

Rumi Tejpar

Ryan Sun

Samson Hoy

Seb Toth

Taylor Nadon

Tim Tsang

Will Vu

Alex Davis

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