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The Real Furious George


Collins vs. Hunter

Real 2015 Furious Tryout Registration Now Online

Thank you to everyone who expressed their interest in the April Fool’s edition of Furious George. Notwithstanding that, it is time to launch the official Furious season (yes, in the Open Division).

Our previous fictions contained in them some powerful grains of truth: Vancouver ultimate’s human resources are stretched thin. In planning for 2015, the Furious family has had to choose its priorities. They are:
-First and foremost, building the season around a campaign to win the Canadian Ultimate Championships.
-Secondly, qualifying for the USA Ultimate Championships.

Even these two specific goals are demanding in the necessary preparations. In the space of six weeks through July to August, Furious anticipates at least 3 (and possibly 5) tournament engagements — 3 requiring flights, and all of them requiring excellence. These also happen to overlap with the U23 World Championships. Said simply, no single squad of 20-25 players of the traditional team model can physically and financially meet all of our needs.

In 2015, the Furious family will expand, uniting a confederacy of roughly thirty-five driven, like-minded instruments of destruction. We will draw rosters for specific tournaments and series from this stable of players. Everyone will be a fully uniformed member. Everyone will have a stake. We will compete even amongst ourselves to represent the Monkey on the field, and thus hold each other to account. We won’t always be together for every single battle, but we are always together in purpose.

Furious 2015 will have to be creative, determined, and united in mind.  If you are up for the challenge, register here.


Apr 20 – 19:00-21:00, Trillium Park East
Apr 23 – 19:00-21:00, Trillium Park West

July 3-5 (tentative)

June 6-7 – Flowerbowl, Vancouver, BC
July 11-12 – Elite-Select Challenge (TCT), Columbus, Ohio
July X-Y – CUC Regionals/BC Provincials [unscheduled]
July 25 – West Coast Round Robin (USAU-sanctioned), Portland, Oregon [tentative]
Aug 1-2 – Pro-Elite Challenge (TCT), Aurora, Colorado
Aug 10-16 – CUC, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Hibbert at CUC2011

PS – About “The Logic Question”

Just because so many people have asked about the so-called logic question in the joke registration form.  Yes, it is real.  It is, in fact, taken from a famous line of experimentation by statistical psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky that eventually culminated in a Nobel Prize.  Hidden within the question is a test to see whether the respondent overcomes what we now know to be a naturally intuitive (albeit illogical) response when ranking simple statistical probabilities.
The description of Linda is intended to evoke an intuitive response — an almost unavoidable recollection of stock stereotypes, compared against the mental image of this hypothetical Linda.  If the respondents indulge this intuition, they will tend to rank the likelihood of her description as a “bankteller and feminist” higher than as the bland title of “bankteller.”  But if they force themselves to think logically (which turns out to demand a separate, conscious effort), there is an inalienable truth at hand: “bankteller/feminist” is a subset of the group of “banktellers” and therefore invariably less likely.  Any combination of rankings that places “bankteller/feminist” above mere “bankteller” is wrong.  Other combinations may not necessarily be “right,” but at least they’re logically sound.
In ultimate, defenders are always encumbered by incomplete information and besieged by misleading fakes, all designed to prey on their instincts. It is very tempting (and perfectly natural) to fill in gaps in our perceptions, and to follow our intuitions under these circumstances.  I happen to think that the best defenders possess the self-control to pierce such illusions and to discern the true and likeliest threats. So, that’s the story of how that question made an appearance.

Alex Davis

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