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Furious Mixes It Up

2015 Tryout Dates Announced
Competing in Mixed Division at Canadian Ultimate Championships

Furious George is making big changes, and the Angry Monkey is looking for new recruits. The 2015 strategic plan has Furious slated to expand its ranks over 35 players, to drop its Triple Crown Tour status, and to enter A- and B-squads in the Mixed Division of competition, with the pinnacle of the season being a championship run at the Canadian Ultimate Championships (CUCs), thereby qualifying to represent Canada in London in 2016.

“I’ve written and spoken to the challenges Vancouver faces in fielding a competitive team for a couple of years now, and the pressures have only mounted,” says Alex Davis, co-captain. “With competing interests like the Triple Crown Tour, the Canadian Ultimate Championships, various national team programmes (e.g., U23s, World Games, WCBU), the MLU and the AUDL, our existing talent pool is stretched physically and financially thin. In coming up with a strategy and goals for the year, we had to ask what we’d leave off our plate, what we’d try to do, and where we’d get the people to do it. We did the math, and after considerable debate, agreed to focus on CUCs, shift to the Mixed division to broaden our talent pool, and to recruit top-end men and women to ensure success.”

Furious’ new vision will also see the Monkey represented at less expensive, more local Mixed tournaments this summer, such as Sunflicker, Potlatch, Ho-Down, and BC Provincials, before launching their nationals campaign in Winnipeg. Outside of the tight rules constraints of the TCT, the captains will have more flexibility around roster management, and better able to accommodate programmes like professional leagues, university teams, and U23 championships. Prospective players can register their interest here.

“It’s cool, because in many ways, it’ll be even more competitive,” says John Norris. “Even though our total numbers will be bigger, with the move to the Mixed division, lots of good veterans just won’t be able to make the cut. Everyone who’s serious about Furious — men and women — this year will have to fight tooth and nail to get on board.”

Kevin Underhill reacted with enthusiasm: “It’s chill that we’ll be bringing ladies into the monkey house. In other years, it’s like we practice on fields next to each other a hundred times every summer, and never even toss a disc that whole time. It’s crazy that we don’t do more joint shindigs, and rip it up He-Man/She-Ra crossover style.  It’ll be sweet to change it up.”

Masters of the Universe

“Plus, all the fun tournaments are in the Mixed division.”

Although their leadership group is responsive* to the idea of a formal alliance, Traffic has maintained plans to continue fielding a team in the Women’s division as well as in the Triple Crown Tour. As such, Furious is casting a wide recruitment net, making plans to recruit some power players from Calgary, as well as notable Canadians stationed in Seattle and the Bay Area, with announcements to come.

Whether the Monkey continues to play under its brand name this year or takes a brief hiatus is undecided. Myles Sinclair explains, “There’s so much history behind ‘Furious George’ that it just seems wrong to be anything else, but the name should also rep the team and our new direction. Some ideas, like ‘Bicurious George’ kinda say that, but make it even harder to land sponsorships.”

“I think I need to see a logo.”

The change of mission will necessitate a change of culture, Davis pointed out. “Mixing lifelong open-division and women-division players will mean restructuring how we think, how we behave, how we talk, and how we play.” The team has already scheduled team-building activities including sessions with sports psychologists, ballet, and mandatory sensitivity training.

As of press time, Morgan Hibbert said he was seriously considering accepting a sabbatical with the Toronto Goatitals.

Tryout Registration: HERE
Tryout #1 – Apr.20
Tryout #2 – Apr.23
Sunflicker – May 3-4
Ho-Down – June 21-22
Potlatch – July 3-5
BC Provincials – late July
CUCs – Aug.16-29



*Catherine Hui responded to our e-mails only with the following link.



Alex Davis

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