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Worlds Roster Finalized

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The Final Roster for WUCC 2014

A few months have passed since we announced first announced our representatives for the World Ultimate Club Championships. Since then, some players have had to step down, and some, over the course of tryouts, have stepped up. Last week, Ultimate Canada laid their stamp of final approval on this roster. This is the Furious George that will step onto the field in Italy.

i Capitani
08 – Morgan Hibbert (C)
27 – Alex Davis (C)
89 – Kevin Underhill (C)
Le Scimmie Arrabbiate

Andre Gailits (Vancouver, BC)
Andrew Brown (Madison, WI)
Blair Underhill (Vancouver, BC)
Bobo Eyrich (Vancouver, BC)
David Hochhalter (Edmonton, AB)
Edward Guo (Vancouver,BC)
Gagandeep Chatha (Surrey, BC)
Geoff Powell (Toronto, ON)
Hugh Knapp (Vancouver, BC)
Joel Bellavance (Vancouver, BC)
John Norris (Vancouver, BC)
Karl Loiseau (Gatineau, QC)
Keane Knapp (Vancouver, BC)
Matt Berezan (Vancouver, BC)
Myles Sinclair (Vancouver, BC)
Nate Dandurand (Vancouver, BC)
Nick Menzies (Vancouver, BC)
Nick Wright (Vancouver, BC)
Rumi Tejpar (Vancouver, BC)
Seb Toth (Edmonton, AB)
Stephen Mogatas (Vancouver, BC)
Tierney FitzGerald (Calgary, AB)

Alex Davis

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