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Turn That Frown Upside-Down



Furious George Revamps Logo

Rumours have predicted it for some time, but the iconic monkey logo and the face of a team for two decades is officially undergoing a facelift this year, and its new, friendlier incarnation  has now been made public.

Perennially embroiled in controversy, the Angry Monkey has sought to soften its image of late, with the leadership resorting to uncommon and historic measures.  Recent attempts to endear ourselves to the community, like the attempt to adopt a wild Tamarin, ran aground on legalities, and the ill-conceived “Monkeys Are People Too!” campaign alienated both religious and science groups.  Ultimately, the captaincy elected to reinvent the team’s image at the core.

“So, like,  a Friendly George,” said Kevin Underhill a first-time captain.  “He’s a Monkey who you want to hang out with, chill, and maybe grab some Palm Bros.”*

The original logo, the work of artist and founding team member Khai Foo, dates back to the year of 1995, and was in fact the deciding factor in choosing the team name.  The ironic and aggressive image later became a mainstay on early Ultivillage DVDs alongside such classic icons as Sockeye’s disgruntled fish and Jam’s implacable radio tower.

Respectful of the logo’s longstanding but stale history, ersatz artist and self-described Master Iconographer Alex Davis was hesitant to alter the face of Furious too drastically.  “I’m extremely busy, and I prefer an efficient, computational approach.  Using an optimization algorithm, I determined the maximally friendly image attainable in a minimum number of Photoshop moves.”

“Embarrassed? Amicable?  I don’t know.  Facial expressions all look the same to me.”

Morgan Hibbert describes the work as “regrettable” but “okay, I guess.”

“If I have to.”

When asked to comment, Kirk Savage returned a rude gesture.


*[ed. – Palm Bay malt drink].

Alex Davis

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