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Giorgio Furioso

CUC2013 - Vancouver
The Main Roster for WUCC 2014

The selection of a worlds-bound roster is always one of the thorniest, most difficult we face.  After extensive deliberation, the Furious corps for Italy has been decided.

i Capitani
08 – Morgan Hibbert (C)
27 – Alex Davis (C)
89 – Kevin Underhill (C)
Le Scimmie Arrabbiate
Aaron Loach (Vancouver, BC)
Andre Gailits (Vancouver, BC)
Andrew Brown (Madison, WI)
Blair Underhill (Vancouver, BC)
Bobo Eyrich (Vancouver, BC)
David Hochhalter (Edmonton, AB)
Gagandeep Chatha (Surrey, BC)
Geoff Powell (Toronto, ON)
Jeff Lindquist (Toronto, ON)
Joel Bellavance (Vancouver, BC)
John Norris (Vancouver, BC)
Karl Loiseau (Gatineau, QC)
Keane Knapp (Vancouver, BC)
Matt Berezan (Vancouver, BC)
Myles Sinclair (Vancouver, BC)
Nate Dandurand (Vancouver, BC)
Nick Menzies (Vancouver, BC)
Rumi Tejpar (Vancouver, BC)
Ryan Kremsater (Vancouver, BC)
Seb Toth (Edmonton, AB)
Stephen Mogatas (Vancouver, BC)

Every time a team is chosen, people reach a milestone.  It is an accomplishment, and for some of us, one that we have been chasing for a while.  But if your name appears on this list, take note: this is not the end.  There are no congratulations just for participating.  Your uniform is not a medal.  Respect is not given like a spot on a roster; it is earned after the fact.  You have each been given an opportunity to earn something very special, and whether you honour that is now up to you.

Yes, this is a milestone, but it is just a milestone.

Buona Fortuna.



Alex Davis

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