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Stepping Up


UltiPhotos: Thursday Preview -- CUC 2012 &emdash; jbp_THURSDAY_cuc2012-338

Everyone Starts Somewhere

Notably, 2013 marks the first year that none of the original, formative monkeys play with Furious. A long time has passed since our team origins, and since then, a lot of players have worked their way through the ranks. Every single veteran here was at one time a rookie, and therefore some poor captain’s project and headache. It is worth reminding ourselves that everyone starts somewhere, and every rookie can leave his mark. So here is a brief look at our CUC2013 roster, and the veterans thereon who have survived more than two seasons with Furious (and presumably, have learned something).

UltiPhotos: Ironside v. Furious George: Thursday Round 3 &emdash; usau_thursday_rd3_1320_jb-3

#2 Seb Toth — (joined 2008) — A firefighter making his home in Edmonton, and at the time, a captain for a moderately successful Mixed team, he was not considered a frontrunner for Team Canada. Then, Andrew Lugsdin saw him play at a Co-ed party tournament in Nanaimo, and decided to take a chance. Since then, he has accumulated two WUGC medals and become a staple utility player for the D-line.

#6 Andre Gailits — (joined 2010) — In his first season, Gailits was remarkable for hopping and snapping his fingers every time he was about to change direction — a peculiar tell that he swore was unconscious. His throwing fakes are still otherworldly, but his deep strikes earned him a gold with TC-U23 in 2010, a bronze at WUGC2012, and a highlight bonus cheque from Major League Ultimate.

UltiPhotos: Sunday - Open Final -- CUC 2012 &emdash; jbp_CUC2012_sunday-523

#7 Bobo Eyrich — (joined 2011) — Among the best players you have never seen, Bobo spent the first two years on Furious just trying to see if he could go 10 practices without an injury. And yet, this world champion represented Canada at the WFDF U23 tournament in 2010 and helped lead UBC in their best season since 2005. No big deal.

#8 Morgan Hibbert — (joined 2005) — Nearly booted from the team in his rookie season because of an ability to tell people what he thinks and an unwise degree of honesty. He went on to add two world championships to his medal collection, bagged the recognition of 2011 UC Male Athlete-of-the-Year, and twice played for Canada’s World Games squads. Good recovery.

UltiPhotos: Finals Preview -- CUC 2012 &emdash; jbp_CUC2012_sunday-367

#17 Maxmillian Hunter — (joined 2010) — Spent most of his rookie season unerringly dedicated to playing “harder” instead of “smarter,” this intense personality insisted on solving every problem with brute effort. He now serves as a utility player for both Nighthawks and Furious, go figure. He still tries to solve problems by yelling louder.**

#21 Aaron Loach — (joined 2009) — A labrador retriever in cleats, Loach obediently did his best to assimilate pithy advice, usually by reciting motivational mantras to himself all over the field, including “move the disc, move the disc. . . ” and “I’m a dominator, I’m a dominator. . . .” He anchored the Nighthawks offense in 2013, and played some good defense and was named to the World Games team. So maybe all that recitation sank in.

UltiPhotos: Furious George v. Boost Mobile: Thursday Round 1 &emdash; usau_thursday_rd10674_jb-118

#22 Matthew Berezan — (joined 2011) — A lanky, fast, unreasonably tall Edmontonian with a fiery temper, Matty frustrated his captains with a reluctance to strike to the endzone or to otherwise exercise his god-given talents in the most logical fashions. He eventually relented, earned a bronze at WUGC2012 and was named to the 2013 World Games team.

UltiPhotos: Sunday Preview -- NW Regionals 2012 - Jeff Bell &emdash; nw_regionals-2652

#25 Oscar Pottinger — (joined 2002?) — A throwback to the golden, olden days, Oscar may not be one of the original monkeys, but he is one of the team’s most seasoned veterans (3 UPA titles and 2 WUGC titles and 2 showings at the World Games) and he plays like a sage. He has wisely outlasted everyone who could have testified to how much of a pain he must have been as a rookie.

UltiPhotos: Saturday Preview -- NW Regionals 2012 - Jeff Bell &emdash; nw_regionals-8542

#27 Alex Davis — (joined 2009) — His intentions are good.

#37 Myles Sinclair — (joined 2011) — Irreverent, unyielding Myles offered a unique ultimatum; he was interested in playing for Furious, or elite, competitive rugby — take it or leave it. Well, he represented Canada at both the juniors and the U23 levels, silvering at both showings, so he seems to have something going for him.

UltiPhotos: Ironside v. Furious George: Thursday Round 3 &emdash; USA Ultimate Club Championships 2012: Thursday Pool Play

#45 Allan Cowan — (joined 2002) — Actually, we’re pretty sure Al Cowan was always this good. Like Oscar, he has 3 UPA titles, 2 WUGC titles, and a host of other medals too numerous to mention, and he makes the rest of us feel like rookies.

#89 Kevin Underhill — (joined 2009) — Kevin’s only flaw is his refusal to communicate in anything other than his own, custom-made vernacular. It is a dialect wholly comprising metaphor either ambiguous or ironic, rendering most discussion useless. Fortunately, he plays ultimate extremely well, and among his various achievements, was the 2012 CUC Finals MVP (and probably carried the team through that one).

UltiPhotos: Sunday - Open Final -- CUC 2012 &emdash; untitled-1189

**Despite this forceful work ethic, he has yet to finish renovating my bathroom.

Alex Davis

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