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Furious Introduces New Clothing Sponsor


Furious Signs with Oddball Workshop

Oddball Workshop is a local Vancouver clothing company specializing in small orders, custom work and blazing turnaround times. Having previously become involved in technical sportswear through dragon-boat competition, they expanded this year by setting their first roots in the ultimate community. As of 2013, Oddball is the official clothing sponsor of the Vancouver Ultimate League and of the Furious George ultimate club. The Angry Monkey is proud and privileged to introduce this company to the world of competitive ultimate.

And yes, we are emphatically privileged. For their first act of staggering clothing wizardry, Oddball graciously outfitted Furious George in a full set of numbered practice jerseys — literally overnight. Oddball overcame our inability to produce any meaningful art on short notice and — within 24 hours of finalizing our sponsorship — handed us a tidy box of lean and mean monkey shirts ready for the British Columbia Ultimate Championships.  . . . And then they packed us some extras for sale.

Furious and Oddball are partnering to offer short runs of disgruntled simian merchandise to show off their technical prowess*. Visit their website and check out their arsenal of imaging techniques. Have an idea that you would like to see us try? Let us know and we might just make it for you. Look for the Furious booth at Klahanie Park this Monday night alongside NexGen Ultimate.


*Allowing me to at last put to rest a 4-year-old joke that I am incapable of procuring team hats.

 It's a unicorn vomiting a rainbow.

Alex Davis

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  1. joel Says:

    im still waiting on my hats bro