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NexGen and U23


Young Guns

When NexGen first assembled three years ago, there was an electric enthusiasm around a question at least a decade old: how well would the best college players fare against the top club teams in North America?

The question, admittedly, was fairly academic and somewhat naive in nature: the best collegiate players are all invested in the club system — there just aren’t that many players to go around.  That said, it was still a fun thought to ponder.  Younger players not only have age on their side, but an almost unfair fraction of disposable time compared to their older associates — enough to keep the academic question poignant and interesting. But of course, as theory goes, with years of club competition comes experience, wisdom and and that ineffable team chemistry from which championships are supposed to spring.

So when NexGen first gathered an all-star team of university-aged players (good enough in raw pedigrees to rival any U23 team) it grabbed attention.  Granted, they were — at least nominally — a pick-up team, but that just made it better.    Touring the continent, laying down the gauntlet in every city where they stopped was a bus full of Vegas-sized betting over the battle between youth and experience, college and club, thrown-together talent and team practice. The allure was almost irresistible!

And they held their own.

Now in their third year, NexGen has a history of going toe-to-toe with the ranks of Sarasota, and they have pock-marked the continent with grudge-matches.  But to make matters even more interesting, 2013 is a U23 World Championship year.  This is the year of the Young Gun.  And it so happens that a number of Team USA youths are rostered with NexGen , and a number of Canadians find themselves on GOAT (17-16 versus NexGen on July 4),  and some more stills are rostered with Furious.  It also just so happens that two U23 coaches are Monkeys.  Thus, we add another special undertone to the battle — a hint of international combat, eyeing each other before the showdown in less than two weeks’ time.

So here we are.  This Monday night, let’s test each other.
Details here.


NexGen – U23 Players

Elliott Erickson (Mixed)

Elijah Kerns (Mixed)

Dylan Freechild (Open)

Jimmy Mickle (Open)

Tim Morrissy (Open)

Simon Montague (Open)


Furious – U23 Players

Does anyone from NexGen read the Furious blog?  Doubtful.  But for those of you who are curious:

Peter Yu (Mixed)

Rumi Tejpar (Mixed)

Will Vu (Mixed)

Fred Lam (Open)

Keane Knapp (Open)

Myles Sinclair (Open)

Ryan Kremsater (Open)

Kevin Greer (Open)

Kevin Underhill (Open)

Greg Moore (Open)


Furious – U23 Coaches

Jon Hayduk (Mixed)

Alex Davis (Open)

Alex Davis

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