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The Sun Also Rises
There is a certain satisfaction that comes when astronomical events mark turning points in life. With the gravitas of well-placed and timely metaphor, the stars align themselves with you, and there’s something innately reassuring about that cosmic nod. It’s as if everything exists as it should. Through thick and thin, all is right.

The Vancouver Nighthawks held their last game of the MLU season on the night of the solstice. The season has swung from spring to summer, and on this side of that blazing pivot, the Monkey rises again.

Last night, the team reunited for the first time since tryouts for its first practice. With 13 rookies on board, this is a rebuilding year, and it is a very different-looking team. We are not that tall, lanky team of yesteryear, of early Ultivillage DVDs. We are shorter and quicker. We move differently and think differently. We’re still intense, but in a way more like problem-solvers on task, racing against time. We are more like flint than fire — purpose-driven instead of all-consuming. We’re younger and raw.

And all 31 of us have to be built to standard. We have too many commitments to write anyone off as a mere placeholder. With our U23 components committed to Toronto, and our World Games players in Cali, everyone left has to be able to play just as hard and just as well for the Monkey in Atlanta. Those are just the constraints of necessity this year. There can be no “top of the roster” and “bottom” in 2013. Everyone has to be able to step into someone else’s shoes. We can afford no weaknesses.

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Rebuilding years are challenging because they offer no guarantees. They promise only the unknown, and opportunity. It’s a double-edged sword. The unfamiliar and uncertainty is frightening, but never doubt the power of the opportunity it represents: it was in 2005, in another such rebuilding year, that Furious George won its third UPA title. With hard work, an eye for perfection, and a bit of luck, those stars will align for us again. Then something momentous will happen.

Tonight, I am going outside to throw. It is a new season. I am in the hunt for great things, and sometimes those cosmic metaphors need a little bit of help.

Alex Davis

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