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Furious Introduces New Mascot


The Official Face of Furious George

A Golden Lion Tamarin will take its place as the figurehead of the Furious franchise, effective this July.

The acquisition of the mascot was a serendipitous outcome of the team’s charity efforts and commitment to the environment. Nick Menzies (#18) explains: “At first, actually, we were just going to donate to a monkey shelter, or a breeding programme somewhere.” Investigating the possibilities, the team learned about a Brazilian Adopt-a-Monkey initiative, raising funds for conservation groups protecting native species. “The team was really excited and totally behind the idea. We did a bake sale, and organized an Easter egg hunt.” The good news was officially confirmed via e-mail late this March. “Then Davis let us know that we had adopted the monkey we wanted. Like, literally adopted the monkey.”

The — as-yet-unnamed — majestic Tamarin was chosen for numerous, well-considered reasons. “That our mascot is a monkey should come as no surprise,” says Alex Davis (#27), “but after some cursory research, the Golden Lion [Tamarin] became an obvious frontrunner, paying homage to The Lions,” the iconic peaks overlooking Vancouver’s North Shore. “Also, the entire species looks sincerely upset, which harmonizes well with Furious’ core team values.”

Furious youngbloods Bobo Eyrich (#7), Matthew Berezan (#22), Max Hunter (#17) and Aaron Loach (#21) have volunteered to house the endangered simian. Construction has begun on a backyard enclosure and the anxious housemates have scheduled appointments for rabies and tetanus vaccinations. As the team prepares to accept the newest member of their family, Furious is soliciting suggestions from the community for the angry monkey’s official name.

The Tamarin will accompany Vancouver’s elite ultimate team to all tournaments, where permitted by law.

Alex Davis

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  1. TDUB Says:

    Is it a male or a female?