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Sarasota Notes

Recaps, Tournaments

Compiled from notes taken over the course of the tournament.

UltiPhotos: Thursday Open Preview -- 2012 Club Championships &emdash; USA Ultimate Club Championships 2012: Thursday Pool Play

Lou Burruss had previously observed that our team resembles “one giant D-line.”  I agree.  What we lacked in finesse this fall, we strove to make up in sheer force of will.  And it was never more true this year than in Florida.  Deprived of Norris (to real life) and Underhill (to injury), I think our only identifiably remaining O-line handler was Andrew Brown.  In fact, the distinctions between O-line and D-line — previously blurry — almost completely vanished.   Here are the illustrious twenty-one:

Sarasota Roster

04 – Matt Doyle (C)
08 – Morgan Hibbert (C)
13 – Marc Seraglia (C)
18 – Nicholas Menzies (C)
25 – Oscar Pottinger (C)

03 – Seb Toth
07 – Bobo Eyrich
11 – Andrew Brown
16 – Jordan Tessarolo
17 – Max Hunter
21 – Aaron Loach
22 – Matt Berezan
27 – Alex Davis
33 – Andy Collins
36 – Aaron Koenig
45 – Allan Cowan
49 – Jon Hayduk
66 – Dre Gailits
89 – Kevin Underhill
98 – Brendan Wong
75 – Joel Bellavance

Problematically, of the 21 bodies we brought to Florida, we were only able to consistently field 17-18 of them.   About a quarter of the team had to wrestle through some kind of injury.  Kevin Underhill lasted all of 15 minutes before a nondescript chest injury was recognized as a fractured rib.  Tessarolo dropped out midway through Thursday with a knee injury.  Brendan Wong’s played through a recent shoulder dislocation.  Hayduk, ordinarily one of the best upwind throwers I have ever seen, was nursing a broken thumb.    Menzies’ hyper-extended his elbow on Saturday.  Hunter’s neck injury*  sidelined him for Thursday.

I think we ought to seek out some kind of sponsorship from Advil.

UltiPhotos: Furious George v. Boost Mobile: Thursday Round 1 &emdash; 2012 USA Ultimate Club Championships Thursday


Furious vs Boost

We opened dangerously against Boost.  The offensive line struggled to make completions in the wind using our conventional plays.  Boost, on the other hand, played a risky, unconventional style, looking to score in just 1-2 passes whether upwind or downwind.  Their handlers make this possible because they are very good at leading a throw into open space through unusual angles before a cut has even been made.  This is not an offense one would expect to see a lot of in a strong wind, but they use it effectively.  Kevin’s ribs gave out on the third or fourth point of the game, costing us our most reliable handler.  Down 6-1, we finally scored on offense and mounted a comeback run, taking half 8-6.  Eventually won 15-10

UltiPhotos: Thursday Open Preview -- 2012 Club Championships &emdash; USA Ultimate Club Championships 2012: Thursday Pool Play

Furious vs Rhino

We began the game strongly against a jittery Rhino and advanced with 2 quick breaks.  We grew the lead and took half 8-4.  In the second half, the wind surged to gale force, and we did not weather it well.  Rhino had an inspired series of 4 pulls that landed in-bounds at a sharp angle and veered out-of-bounds.  This meant that our offense had to start from a sideline trap, staring into the eye of the wind.  They played a very tight 4-man cup and pinned us down repeatedly.  Rhino recovered and took an 11-13 lead.  We answered with a few scores earned by sniping straight, low shots from Oscar and Nick through the wall and into the endzone.  This put us back on serve at 14-13.  We were still too impatient and flummoxed by our inability to huck in the wind.  Despite three chances to win on double-game-point, we lost 16-17.

UltiPhotos: Thursday Open Preview -- 2012 Club Championships &emdash; USA Ultimate Club Championships 2012: Thursday Pool Play

Furious vs Ironside

We played pretty well, but nothing seemed to go our way.  The wind from the Rhino game continued unabated, and we weathered it poorly.  Despite good defensive pressure, Ironside still connected on their hucks and tight bail-out throws.  We were outplayed.  Lost 6-15.

UltiPhotos: Thursday Open Preview -- 2012 Club Championships &emdash; usau_thursday_rd3_1238_jb


Furious vs Sub Zero

Our offense opened shakily again, allowing Zero to accumulate breaks, but our defense earned each one back in turn as we traded pairs of points back and forth.  Our D-line consistently scored upwind, but then failed to contain Zero’s upwind offense. Took half 8-7.  From there, we built a small lead 10-7, but by this time, as the wind redoubled its resolve yet again, Zero observed our struggles with downwind hucks, and so increasingly tightened on our in-cuts and resets.  Zero ran the table late in the second half, winning 13-15.

UltiPhotos: Friday Open Preview -- 2012 Club Championships &emdash; usau_friday_rd1_0332_jb

Furious vs Chain

What took Zero most of the game to discover, Chain learned in short order.  The second half wind from the morning maintained its presence, and we never hit our stride.  We struggled to throw long both upwind and down.  Chain suffocated our ins, dumps, and swings.  Chain outplayed us in the wind, throwing better and reading better.  5-15.

UltiPhotos: Saturday Open Preview -- 2012 Club Championships &emdash; 2012 Club Championships


Furious vs Rhino

In a reversal of our previous match, Rhino advanced a strong lead in the first half.  Adopting a conditional punt-and-D strategy, we avoided turnovers near our endzones and focused on core defensive skills to regain possession.  It was inelegant, but effective, in that we clawed back into the game one break at a time.  We also reshuffled personnel in upwind and downlind lines, and we mounted a recovery, but too late in the morning to force another classic universe-point finish.  Final score at the hard cap sat at  11-13 for Portland.

Furious vs Bravo

Finally ran up against a team struggling with the wind as much as us.  With Jimmy Mickle sidelined owing to a strange affair involving fire ants, Bravo relied largely on Josh Ackley’s throws to seek out the endzone.  The game became a war between two defenses, playing aggressively near their own endzones, and cautiously near each others’.  Furious carried the higher percentages in the end, and this rewarded the Monkey with their last win of the tournament.

*I gather he got it from sleeping badly.  Seriously?

Alex Davis

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