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Washington Sectionals

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One of the unexpectedly tiring parts of having a tournament every weekend is deciding what to say about them every Tuesday.

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Bro Flight Finale & Riding the Roller-Coaster

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Continuing the Monkey’s whirlwind tour of the Midwest, Furious spent the last weekend in Madison, Wisconsin, playing in the Bro Flight Finale.

After the Select Flight Invite, we left behind half a dozen under-employed bros (who, it turns out, make up most of our handlers) to while away the time and to wind their way to Wisconsin, camping as they went.  According to reports, they played 27-36 holes of disc golf each day with ritualistic bro-zeal , eventually meeting up with Madison Radical /Madison Club veteran  (and former Monkey) Andrew Brown.  The latter somehow accommodated them all in his bro-manse, and lazy summer days were had by all.  It all reads vaguely like the makings of a whimsical Jack Kerouac novella, with an equal disregard for punctuation, or —  for that matter — conventionally-defined lingo.

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Season Start & Select Flight Invite

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Okay, so here’s the story.

Every year, we pore over the calendar and try to find a solution to our competing priorities. This year, with the tournament invitations we received as a Select Flight team, an outlandish, unprecedented, but nevertheless very tempting solution presented itself: compressing the entire regular season and qualifiers into one month.

Select Flight Invite, Carmel, Indiana, Aug13-14

Bro Flight Finale, Madison, Wisconsin, Aug20-21

Sectionals, Washington, Aug27-28

Regionals, Washington, Sept10-11

Why did we elect to do this? How is it turning out so far? Read on.

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Roster 2016 – Year of the Fire Monkey

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Triple Crown Roster Announced

This year, to meet our various commitments, we made the unprecedented move of compressing our Triple Crown season into the space of two weeks.  Every year poses its own challenges, and 2016, with multiple world championship events over June and July made most of the summer a blackout period for us.  But now the fall is here, and even as the days grow shorter, the Year of the Monkey now begins.


Marc Seraglia


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