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Battle at Klahanie

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Furious Slips 11-15 vs NexGen, Makes Adjustments

On Monday night, Furious George’s red army assembled at Klahanie field.  Opposite them was NexGen’s comparatively lean roster of all-stars.  But in one game, size counts for nothing; you can only field seven players at a time.  Everyone has enough stamina in the tank for one game, so what matters is how your seven soldiers choose to play the point.  This is a story of our choices against theirs.

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Furious Wins BCUC

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On Saturday evening, in Jericho Park — cradle of Vancouver ultimate — Furious George took home another B.C Ultimate Championship title and defended their #1 western seed going into the national championships.  This is how it went down.

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Furious Introduces New Clothing Sponsor

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Furious Signs with Oddball Workshop

Oddball Workshop is a local Vancouver clothing company specializing in small orders, custom work and blazing turnaround times. Having previously become involved in technical sportswear through dragon-boat competition, they expanded this year by setting their first roots in the ultimate community. As of 2013, Oddball is the official clothing sponsor of the Vancouver Ultimate League and of the Furious George ultimate club. The Angry Monkey is proud and privileged to introduce this company to the world of competitive ultimate.

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NexGen and U23

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Young Guns

When NexGen first assembled three years ago, there was an electric enthusiasm around a question at least a decade old: how well would the best college players fare against the top club teams in North America?

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