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Fan Discount

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If I was in charge, anyone who looked angry enough would get free admission.

But this flyer will get you $1 off at the gate when you come to watch Furious George battle NexGen Ultimate.  And that’s not bad.  So share it with your friends.

Your angry face probably doesn’t meet my standards anyway.

Practices Begin

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The Sun Also Rises
There is a certain satisfaction that comes when astronomical events mark turning points in life. With the gravitas of well-placed and timely metaphor, the stars align themselves with you, and there’s something innately reassuring about that cosmic nod. It’s as if everything exists as it should. Through thick and thin, all is right.

The Vancouver Nighthawks held their last game of the MLU season on the night of the solstice. The season has swung from spring to summer, and on this side of that blazing pivot, the Monkey rises again.

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NexGen Returns to Vancouver

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Furious George vs NexGen All-Americans
Monday, July 15, 19:00 at Klahanie Park
Find Tickets Here.

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Roster 2013 Announced

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Earning Your Spot
Spring has almost come to an end, and with it, the end of tryout season. A lot of rosters, for all kinds of teams, have been decided and posted over the last couple of months, accompanied by the usual congratulations, disappointments, and coffee-shop debates. What makes a good team? Who should be on what team? What was the reasoning? What were the circumstances? And something I hear a little too often: “he/she deserved to make that team.”

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Flowerbowl 2013

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The Comprehensive Spectator’s Guide

Every year, the first Open/Women’s tournament of the Northwest launches the club season, often featuring teams from as far as San Francisco and Winnipeg. The trouble: divided Mixed clubs, split-squads, tryout squads, and droves of the casually semi-retired — half of them using aliases both esoteric and ironic. How will you know who’s who at Flowerbowl this year? For your viewing pleasure, we have demystified and laid bare the elite division for you.

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