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Remembrance Day & U23 Tryouts

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Furious Remembers

From Failing Hands We Throw

This Remembrance Day weekend, Ultimate Canada held the western component to its U23 national team tryouts.  Fittingly, they took place at Memorial Oval Park in Vancouver, British Columbia.  It was also one of the most exciting selection trials I’ve ever observed.

Coaches presiding:

Patrick Mooney (U23 Open – Toronto, ON)
Andy Collins (U23 Open – Vernon, BC)
Stephanie Chow (U23 Women – Winnipeg, MN)
Kaitlyn Lovatt (U23 Women – Toronto, ON)
Hadiya Roderique (U23 Mixed – Toronto, ON)
Jon Hayduk (U23 Mixed – Vancouver, BC)

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Sarasota Notes

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Compiled from notes taken over the course of the tournament.

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Club Championships

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UltiPhotos: Thursday Open Preview -- 2012 Club Championships &emdash; USA Ultimate Club Championships 2012: Thursday Pool Play

Shit, We Did It Again.

For the most competitive clubs, the ultimate season can represent a daunting investment of time of effort.  Most Furious players attended some seventy-five 3-hour team practices this year, on top of team conditioning, personal conditioning,  throwing sessions, and whatever other supplementary efforts tossed in for good measure.  The last tournament of the season, the USA Ultimate Club Championships, unavoidably represents a symbolic evaluation of those efforts, their quality and quantity.  Only one team can win it all, but everyone is seeking some sense of reward for all that work — an outcome they can point to and say, “we did it right, and it paid off.”

Everyone wants some kind of validation. What no one wants is to uncover a new weakness.  But I think that is our lot this time, yet again.

For notes on the games and roster themselves, click here.  For some broader thoughts, read on.

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