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Final Preparations


Figuring shit out one huddle at a time
Getting It Together

Sixteen of the best teams will meet. Only eight will advance to playoffs. Only one can win. For every success, someone must suffer an equal failure.  What would you do to put yourself on the winning side of that equation?
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Northwest Regionals

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UltiPhotos: Sunday Round 3 &emdash; nw_regionals-2645
The Monkey Takes the Dirt Road to Florida

The story of Furious George at Regionals has an amazing prologue of unfortunate circumstances. You’re not going to believe this.

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Kevin “The Future” Underhill


UltiPhotos: Sunday - Open Final -- CUC 2012 &emdash; untitled-1189

by Andy Collins

Editor’s Note: I thought about editing this some more, but the prospect was too exhausting.  If you have trouble understanding some of what is being said, well, that makes two of us.

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