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Beast Performances V – Andrew Lugsdin #9


Beast Performance (def.):

This is a sports competition act defined when a player exceeds athletic expectation and makes himself or herself personally responsible for victory.
Synonymous idioms:
“Getting in the zone”
“Putting the team on your back”

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Player Spotlight Poll


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A long while back, we put up an article reflecting on a practice weekend and highlighting unsung hero Bobo Eyrich.   The team loved it.    In fact, it was suggested I could write more human interest stories — spotlight pieces on all our players.  “If you guys think I want to spend a hundred hours writing fluffy vanity pieces about you, there’s no freaking way.  I don’t like you nearly enough.”

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World Games Tryouts


Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
I Have Been Cut from Some Great Teams

The night before tryouts, a friend had cold feet. Logging in to pay her fees, she could see the names with whom she was competing. There were five times as many applicants as positions to fill, and almost all of them players of considerable repute. Some already held several championship titles. Putting aside her mathematical odds, now she doubted whether she even belonged in such exalted company — for fear of wasting their time. She wasn’t alone; I had already heard about some withdrawals.

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Washington Sectionals

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UltiPhotos: Sunday Preview - Washington &emdash; _DSC6803
Getting Back on Track

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Labor Day Review

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Aaron Loach makes a focused catch under duress
One Step at a Time
In a previous post, I hinted that our goal for the weekend was to earn a strength bid for the NW, and to therewith smooth out the road to Florida. By that measure, we accomplished our mission. But something was still missing, and it bugs me like an itch I cannot scratch.

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