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Q/A with Ultimate Interviews

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Have a question about Furious?  It may have already been answered: Furious George answered the questions of Mark Earle of Ultimate Interviews this week. Check them out for regular updates of ultimate from around the world.

Read the inteverview here.

PS — I’m not great with questions like “How are you?” or “How do you feel?” Sorry. And don’t even get me started with “What’s up?” I never know how to deal with that one.

Team Canada Roster Announced – L’alignement nationale annoncée



16 clubs competed for the right to choose the team.
75 players applied for consideration.
50 players tried out.
26 have been chosen.

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Team Canada Tryouts End — Les essais fermés terminent


Team Canada Open concluded tryouts this weekend after nearly twelve hours of demanding evaluations. Fifty athletes of exceptional skill from B.C., Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and the Atlantic congregated at Jericho fields on Saturday morning, probably marking the first time so many great Canadian players met in such concentration since 2008. It was also especially fitting that this exercise took place at Jericho – the historical cradle of Vancouver ultimate. The weather was perfect for the occasion, with just enough wind and a brief sputtering of rain to keep throwers wary.

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Team Canada Tryouts Begin

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Formal tryouts for Team Canada Open take place this weekend, with nearly 50 shortlisted candidates from across the country meeting for the event. The selection committee has circulated their strategy guide and their criteria, and now it is up to the players themselves to show how they fit into the master plan.

If you are in Vancouver this weekend and want to see some of Canada’s most dedicated talent going through their paces, drop by to take a look.

Date: March 17-18
Location: Jericho W Fields
Time: 10:00-15:30

Team Canada Open — Selection Committee

Andrew Brown
John Hassell
Morgan Hibbert
Nick Menzies
Oscar Pottinger
Marc Seraglia

Team Canada Open — Candidate List

  • Morgan Hibbert
  • Alex Chan
  • Alex Davis
  • Gabe Saunkeah
  • Thomas Kuhn
  • Andy Collins
  • Aaron Koenig
  • Jeff Lindquist
  • Anatoly Vasilyev
  • Derek Alexander
  • Phil Watanabe
  • Adrian Yearwood
  • Andy Ouchterlony
  • Andrew Carroll
  • Kirk Savage
  • John Norris
  • Kevin Underhill
  • Scott Nicholls
  • Christian Mathieu
  • David Janssen
  • Inian Moorthy
  • John Hassell
  • Eric St-Amant
  • Darren Clark
  • Patrick Mooney
  • Oscar Pottinger
  • Nick Menzies
  • CJ Harmer
  • Andrew Brown
  • Alex Hughes
  • Adam Silverstein
  • Jon Hayduk
  • Matt Doyle
  • Aaron Loach
  • Max Hunter
  • Brendan Wong
  • Andre Gailits
  • Aaron Liu
  • Nathan Dandurand
  • Bobo Eyrich
  • Matthew Berezan
  • Seb Toth
  • Bob Staniforth
  • Yvan Duban
  • Derek Fenton
  • John Russell
  • Dustin Hong
  • Adam Melnyk
  • Jeff Cruickshank
  • Marc Seraglia


The Monkey Is Famous!

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Ultimate Canada has officially announced the creation of its own Hall of Fame, and the inaugural class of inductees includes none other than Furious George himself.  Read about the Angry Monkey’s life and times  on the Ultimate Canada website.  A select few players can genuinely say they made Furious a name worth remembering, but all of us, then and now, have been honoured to take part in something much bigger than ourselves.   We strive to make ourselves worthy of the name.  When you look Furious in the face, there is something indescribably demanding in those angry eyes that makes you want to earn his respect.

 Furious George

 2011 Hall of Fame Inductee

 Also featured in the 2011 class are two Furious standouts from over the years.  Check out their profiles below.

Adam “Elvis” Berson 

Al “Al-Bob” Nichols

See the rest of inductees at the official launch of the Ultimate Canada Hall of Fame.

Skills Bootcamp Begins

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 Learn to Be an Angry Monkey

In partnership with the Vancouver Ultimate League, Furious George has offered a five-week course during which recreational and semi-competitive players can sign up to practice alongside B.C.’s most dedicated club.  Over sixty registrants of varying experience are getting a chance to try the same drills and exercises that the Angry Monkey uses to hone their skills.

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Team Canada Goes to Vegas; Almost Nothing Bad Happens

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Trouble in Vegas – a tournament legendary for the hijinks and stories that invariably haunt one for the rest of an ultimate career.

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