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by Davis


Furious vs. Sockeye (Pool Play)

Curiously, our day began with the most important game of pool play against #2 seed and longtime rivals, Sockeye. Since our defeat at sectionals, the Monkey underwent a complete overhaul specifically intended to address Sockeye’s strengths and weaknesses. To stand any chance of stealing one of NW’s bids, we had to become Sockeye-killers, and Saturday’s game was our first test of that. Sockeye came into the game looking strong as they took the lead, but still not their strongest. Furious woke up and began running a little harder, and turned the game around in the third quarter with four points in a row to tie up the game. Oscar Pottinger showed off his reflexes and reads with some stunning endzone catches as Furious took the lead. We traded out the rest of the game to win it 15-14.

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