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by Davis

As much as complaint is fashionable, I feel obligated to say that the Washington/B.C. Sectional Qualifier is not that bad a tournament. Obviously, the calibre of play is not elite from top to bottom. Furious and Sockeye stand on a tier above Voodoo and Blackfish, and after that, the remainder of the field tend not to take the game quite as seriously. Still, it stands as a test of focus. You have to prove you can unflinchingly dominate your pool against a variety of skills and styles, and then that you can still bring your A-game to the final. Well, we didn’t do that this time, and Sockeye did. That’s the uncomfortable truth, and it’s the foremost reason why we still don’t have the right to complain about sectionals being in our tournament calendar.
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WA/BC Sectionals Recap

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Saturday, Game 1: Furious 13 Pride Rock 6
Our first game of Sectionals was against these unknowns from Washington somewhere. Right from the pre-game cheer, there was a stark contrast in our attitudes: Our cheer was “Prison Rules” (the name we’ve given our highly addictive 3vs3 warmup game), while theirs was “Hakuna Matata.” Despite their lighter take on the game, they battled through the game and minimized the number of breaks we were able to score.

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