Late Spring Update

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Someone remarked that, given the relative quiet on the blog, you would think that nothing is happening.  The problem is quite the opposite.  Everything is happening.

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2015 Roster

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The Confederacy of the Angry Monkey

Every year, the Monkey’s face changes a little, and once again, we add to those who wear the Furious red. This, however, represents our largest-ever stable of players, combining two professional leagues and multiple national teams, united in the common pursuit of excellence. If your name appears here, remember that this is not the end of the road, but the beginning of opportunity.  Welcome to the fold.

Furious George 2015

Marc Seraglia (Coach)

Alex Davis (C)
John Norris (C)
Kevin Underhill (C)
Myles Sinclair (C)

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The Real Furious George

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Collins vs. Hunter

Real 2015 Furious Tryout Registration Now Online

Thank you to everyone who expressed their interest in the April Fool’s edition of Furious George. Notwithstanding that, it is time to launch the official Furious season (yes, in the Open Division).

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Furious Mixes It Up

2015 Tryout Dates Announced
Competing in Mixed Division at Canadian Ultimate Championships

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Furious Junta 2015

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Monkeys Elect New Leadership

#89 Kevin Underhill — joined 2009, capt. 2014-2015
#05 John Norris — joined 2009, capt. 2011, 2015
#27 Alex Davis — joined 2009, capt. 2014-2015
#37 Myles Sinclair — joined 2011, capt. 2015

As always, you can contact the leadership group via


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Silver Linings
I was walking through customs at Vancouver International, answering the usual gamut of questions. It was late. The lengthy layover in Portland spent on pumpkin ales had left me lethargic, and given to perfunctory responses.

“Where were you?”
“What were you doing there?”
“Ultimate frisbee.”
“How did that go for you?”

The vagary of the question woke something up in my brain, and I paused while it whirred up to life. I answered thoughtfully, at length:
“You know, not that badly, actually….”

Looking skeptical but satisfied that I wasn’t lying, the officer waved me through.

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UltiPhotos: Furious George vs Sockeye - Quarters (WUCC2014)

The Art and Science of Forcible Introspection

Admittedly, posting updates to the site fell by the wayside late this summer. And apparently, that hiatus was noticed, as evidenced by some of the e-mails that have been coming in.* In my own defense, I have been excusably stressed and busy. I don’t know what everyone else on this team is doing, but it is surely less important, as I frequently point out. But since the time for blow-by-blow accounts of every tournament we have played has passed, we will break the silence by indulging the author in some academic content.

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Worlds Roster Finalized

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Furious 20th Season Logo
The Final Roster for WUCC 2014

A few months have passed since we announced first announced our representatives for the World Ultimate Club Championships. Since then, some players have had to step down, and some, over the course of tryouts, have stepped up. Last week, Ultimate Canada laid their stamp of final approval on this roster. This is the Furious George that will step onto the field in Italy.

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The Monkey in Minneapolis

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UltiPhotos: Thursday Highlights - 2014 USAU US Open &emdash; 2014 USAU US Open Thursday
US Open Results

Day 1
15-13 vs Sockeye
13-15 vs Ironside
10-15 vs Sub Zero
Day 2
12-15 vs Revolver
15- 6 vs Evolution (Colombia)
13-15 vs Clapham (United Kingdom)
Day 3
14-13 vs Johnny Bravo

For those who don’t know the mandate of the U.S Open, it is a tournament that aspires to cultivate international cachet – a top-shelf showdown where the American elite can face the foreigners. To that end, they annually invite teams from various high-powered ultimate nations to partake in the action. Since only the top end of the TCT Pro Flight can earn an automatic berth to the U.S. Open, Furious (alongside Traffic and Union) qualified thereto as the Canadian envoys by winning the Canadian Ultimate Championship. Notably, though, it was also a TCT-required tournament of Furious, in lieu of the otherwise compulsory Elite-Select Challenge, which unfortunately overlaps with the World Ultimate Club Championship in Italy. All this to say, the club season has become very complicated of late, and it now fills my posts with elaborate jargon and ulti-babble.

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Flowerbowl 2014

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The Comprehensive Spectator’s Guide

Every year, the first Open/Women’s tournament of the Northwest launches the club season, featuring teams from across the continent. The trouble: divided Mixed clubs, split-squads, tryout squads, and droves of the casually semi-retired — half of them using aliases both esoteric and ironic. How will you know who’s who at Flowerbowl this year? Whom are you going to watch?  How will you know what to heckle? For your viewing pleasure, we have demystified and laid bare the elite division for you below.

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